sillabe is a furniture collection designed by Luca Baroni. It is the result of a rational approach to design, based on man and his needs. Pieces are crafted by carpenters and ironsmiths in Milan, and can be bought ready-made or in bespoke editions, adapted to each client’s requirements. Tables, desks, stools, bookshelves and other elements are sculptural, but designed to adapt to spaces in a functional and non-invasive way. Almost escaping the eye. Almost.

Born in 1974, Luca Baroni got his Design degree at the Milanese branch of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). He went on to work with Alias co-founder Carlo Forcolini: the designer whose minimal, poetic, high-tech approach left a mark on him. Then came nine years designing watches and accessories for a well-known multinational company. But his spiritual master is Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni, with whom Baroni shared work and friendship. From 2010, Baroni designs products for industrial companies, interiors, furniture, lighting and other pieces mostly made to order from his studio in Via dei Pellegrini. Caccia’s ideas about architectural elements –they should both stand out and disappear–, the role of the designer –a tool for people–, and having a close relationship with artisans –to create quality works–, these are all guiding principles of Sillabe, and of Baroni’s design practice. Other interests lay in the study of society and the spaces we inhabit under a philosophical point of view, and his Theology degree at Facoltà Teologica in Milan. His thesis investigates the kinds of cities we build and the kind of life, and the kind of freedom, these cities offer to us.

List of projects

2018, Bilatec Industry+Office GmbH 

2017, Hueba Ag Luzern

2016, Giorgio Viganò Real Estate Milano

2014, 2015 Plinio il giovane Milano

2013, Crespi 1797 Milano

2012, 2013 Prantho Ag Zurich

1999, Motorola

Luca Baroni